Which type of stripper do Norfolk area men prefer?

Sure there are several types of strippers out there, but when given a choice what is the most desirable to the men of Norfolk?

Blondes are perceived as the ones who are more likely to have fun and sort of flighty. Brunettes are more perceived as having a wee bit of a mean streak, if not a wee bit snobbish. Red heads sometimes have pale skin blue eyes and freckles which some people find attractive. So there is much to consider with this amount of variety.

When the men of Norfolk and Va beach were asked which stripper they prefer they answered:

Studies show that brunettes win without question! 63 people out of 100 like brunettes better . 25 like blondes, and 17 like red heads, You may think men like blondes more but, it turns out, a study conducted by Old Dominion University in Norfolk found out that men actually prefer brunettes. The study was conducted with a fair skinned stripper going to three different strip clubs with her hair dyed Brown, Blonde, and red.  It was done professionally so that she looked natural, and the goal was to see how many men came up to her.  Although she was recognized the most as a blonde, second as brunette and least as a redhead,  when further studies were made with men at those same strip clubs, they said they found her as a brunette more appealing overall. To them, she was most attractive as a brunette.


The brunettes win!

It’s not just the men of Norfolk that prefer brunette strippers.

Women of all hair types have said they prefer men with dark hair . Brunettes are way more common today because of all of the ethnic mixtures in the world. You never know what you’ll find! When you invite strippers from Hampton Roads Strippers to a birthday party, bachelor party, or any party, you can choose from a variety of different hair colors and different ethnic backgrounds.

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