Stripper protection?

It’s a hesitant question I hear a lot when working the phones,  “Is she going to bring someone with her to the bachelor party?”

I get it guys.  You don’t want to be confused for some psychopath or make us think you’re going to be inappropriate with one of the ladies. But I also understand that you may also be concerned with your privacy, discretion and/or level of comfort?

Some guy just hanging out watching during my strip tease show?

I will explain it like I do to my dancers when they ask if they are allowed to bring security.  Of course you’re allowed to bring security, but do you really want security there?  I don’t mean to discourage security to my girls.  Sometimes having security there is necessary but maybe not for the reasons you think.

If you’re working some 50 guy birthday/bachelor party in Norfolk or another really huge event, it’s advantageous to the stripper to have someone there to make change for the guys and to play music and keep an eye on the time.  At a party with say over 25 guys, if you’re the only stripper there, then you will want to make the most of your time there working the room making tips.  It  is in the best interest of the adult entertainer to have security with her in this case.

But sometimes things can escalate quickly with an outside male presence.   At a smaller party when the stripper walks in with a bouncer, immediately the guys assume this is her boyfriend.  If she’s done things right she will have collected her fee and then explained her rules with at least the host and perhaps everyone at the party.  Things may still go smoothly for the whole booking, but best believe the guys are at least a little on edge, maybe just afraid they’ll do something wrong even unintentionally and ruin the party or piss off her bouncer.

Bachelor party blues

Sometimes at parties with or without a bouncer things go awry and someone breaks the rules.  In my experience (8+ years of being a stripper and 6 years of managing an escort service) when things go south at a bachelor party or any type of party really it happens one of two ways.

Let’s say the stripper explained her rules and one of them was not to smack her butt.  Let’s pretend one of the party goers had a little too much to drink and during a lap dance he smacks her ass.  She says “I told you that was against the rules.  Don’t do it again.”  Maybe this guy is kind of a dick.  Maybe he just has had too much to drink or is a little too full of himself so for whatever reason, he decides to smack her ass again.  Now here is where the situation could go either way.

If the stripper has no bouncer:

She has already given him a warning so this time she is probably going to be irritated.  She will probably say something like “Look!  I told you once already.  Do you want me to leave now?” At this point the guy is either going to be like “Damn I’m a dick, sorry.” or his friends are going to get pissed at him, the asshole who broke the rules and is making the hot stripper leave early and the fun to stop. They will be on the side of the stripper not the rule breaker.  The party may (at the discretion of the stripper) continue and the fun as well.  But…

If the stripper has a bouncer:

Again she has already given her warning, so this time when things get out of hand, the bouncer comes over to explain the rules and how they’ve been broken.  Now the rule breaker has been challenged, in front of his friends and with alcohol involved. The rule breaker may say something like ” Well who the hell are you?”  The friends, seeing their friend (the rule breaker), being challenged by another dude (the bouncer), and these guys who are also usually under the influence of alcohol now come to the rescue of their friend, not the stripper.  And although usually things are resolved peacefully, the money almost always stops at this point and, so naturally the fun stops too.

Despite this some strippers still prefer to bring security, and if it’s what makes them feel comfortable then they should; a comfortable, at ease stripper makes for a comfortable, at ease crowd and a fun memorable party.

At Hampton Roads Strippers whether it’s deciding if they should bring security or go to a party in a sketchy neighborhood, entertainers should always err on the side of caution or what makes them feel safe and not money.

While being in this business is all about  money; it doesn’t always have to be all about the money.




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