How to Tell if an Adult Entertainment Company is Legitimate or a Rip-Off


If you are interested in getting into the adult entertainment field, you may run across ads in all forms of media making it difficult to tell which ones are legitimate and which are scams.  There is no easy way to tell which adult entertainment companies are legitimate, but there are some ways you can immediately tell that a company will just rip you off.


Scams and Rip-Offs


One of the first signs that the company is not legitimate is in the audition process.  If you are asked to pay to audition, run away!  You shouldn’t ever asked to pay a company to audition for a film or to audition onstage as a stripper.  An audition is where to go to show your talent and see if the industry is really something you want to get involved in. 


Also, when you do go to an audition, if the person in charge of the tryout will try to have sex with you if the business isn’t legitimate.  This isn’t the normal part of the audition process.  You may be asked to disrobe and display your body for scrutiny, but no one should be requiring sex as part of an audition.


Before you start the process, if you have the name of the company, do some research on the Internet.  Looking up companies online will generally produce results showing any complaints made against them or some websites will post messages warning others about the company.  This is a good way to research a company of any sort, whether it is in the adult entertainment field or not.


Difficult Business to Enter


Just like with the regular entertainment industry, getting into the adult entertainment business can be difficult.  They generally audition hundreds of men and women who are looking to make adult films and cash in on their good looks. However, just like Hollywood, good looks are not hard to find in Virginia Beach.  



If you don’t have any moral objections to being in the adult entertainment business, it can be a rewarding career for many women and men.  However, don’t expect to be an overnight sensation.  You will have to work hard to find your first opportunity to prove yourself in the business.  Remember, if you are asked for money to audition or told sex is required to audition, stay far, far away as that business is nothing but a scam.

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