Why Men Now Like Curvy Girls

 Subtly we are starting to see it in fashion magazines and with the actresses you see in films or on television, it’s pretty apparent, that now men prefer curvy girls.  Instead of the tall, stick thin women you used to see on magazine covers and in the entertainment field, most guys want a girl with a shapely body.  The hourglass figure is back, most men are enjoying it immensely and the Norfolk – Virginia Beach area is no exception!


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Evidence Showing Norfolk area Men Like Curves

Throughout history, it has been obvious that men prefer voluptuous women.  In paintings by the historic masters, women were depicted with ample breasts and luscious thighs, proving that many men think that women with ample bodies are sexy and enticing.  Even in musical lyrics of today, some even from artists who grew up right here in Va Beach, girls and especially exotic dancers with big butts and large boobs are given their due and the admiration and oogling of men everywhere.  So it should come as no surprise that when it comes to the Va Beach adult entertainment field, what’s in demand are strippers with big butts and nice boobs!

While it may only seem like an opinion that guys like girls with curves, there is scientific evidence to back up the claims.  Researchers at the University of Texas at Austin, as well as Georgia Gwinnett College, say they have evidence that shows the curves on women hits men’s brains like a drug, leaving them craving more.  A study was conducted asking men to look at the before and after pictures of naked women who had plastic surgery. 


None of the women in the pictures had lost weight.  Instead, their fat had been redistributed in other places on their bodies.  Some of the women had essentially gained weight in order to appear more curvy.  After taking MRI scans of the research subjects who had looked at photos of curvy girls, the scans showed activity in the same areas of the brain activated by pleasurable drugs.  In simpler terms, the guys looking at the pictures of naked girls with ample figures felt a similar rush that getting high gave them.


Curvy Girl Love is Nothing New


Men’s love for curvy girls is not new to anthropologists.  Several cross-cultural studies have been done over the years showing that men prefer a low hip-to-waist ratio on women.  Small waists in relation to bigger hips and breasts make up the ideal woman for most men worldwide.  No matter the language, men know the hand motions for an hourglass figure. 

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