It takes more than confidence to strip.

Stripping is a form of art and it is not as easy as you might think.  Erotic dancing requires much more than a nice body; it requires practice, dedication and the correct frame of mind.  Strippers have to be in great shape, not only to look good but because their job is very physically demanding. Stripping is not as easy as many make it out to be and a good stripper will continue to hone her skills in order to impress her audience.

If being a good stripper were easy, everyone would do it.

There is a reason that pole dancing has become such a hot workout trend. It is hard to do and it requires strength, coordination and practice. Climbing up the pole, flipping upside down and spinning back down are not skills that often come naturally.  Every girl that works that pole has been practicing, either at a club, in a studio or in her home.

 Is there really such a thing as a talented stripper?

If you have ever watched a stripper perform, you would know that the good ones always have a routine.  They plan their moves and music so that the performance flows and entrances the audience.  The idea is to build the fantasy and draw their watchers in.  The more a stripper can “wow” her audience, the better money she makes.  This takes a great amount of artistry mixed with personality and charm. 

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A great stripper knows how to work her crowd and she will perform in the most alluring way possible.  In order to be successful, she must be good at captivating her audience and drawing them into her world.  If she can make her customers feel like she is dancing only for them, many will open their wallets right up.  That is the goal of course, as strippers work their audience in hopes of higher paying lap dances and more private parties.  If she is good at what she does, landing more gigs and building her following will all be in a day’s work.

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