Lingerie – Why Do Men Love Thigh Highs?

For women looking to impress their partner lingerie is always a go-to answer but did you know that one of the most popular and sexy pieces of lingerie a women can wear is thigh highs? Men are completely drawn to them and they are seen as a sex symbol in their own right. It’s really no wonder that they are a lingerie item of choice with strippers and exotic dancers.

If you have ever been to a bachelor party or a place with nude dancing then no doubt you have seen women walking around in thigh highs. So what’s the allure? Why do men seem to go ga-ga over these simple pieces of lingerie? They cover most of a woman’s legs so why is this sexy? Even in a place that offers lap dancing the stripper will often still wear thigh highs. Clearly they are an item that men are more than happy to see women in.


Leaving Something to the Imagination

A lot can be said for leaving some things to the imagination and that’s exactly what thigh highs do. While the woman isn’t completely covered there is still a little something that is yet you can see the shape of her legs and the man can clearly envision what she must look like beneath the thigh highs.

Thigh highs can be nude, opaque black, fishnets, or patterned all of which create an allure all their own. Men with leg or even lingerie fetishes can’t get enough of this simple yet sexy item.

There is another huge factor to why men love thigh highs and that’s the act itself. Many men will tell you that watching a woman put the thigh highs on slowly or take them off slowly is incredibly sexy and can act as foreplay. Many exotic dancers work this angle by inserting this exact move into their routine to drive patrons wild.

What’s also great about thigh highs is that there isn’t a woman who can’t pull them off. Thin or thick, straight or curvy all women just look sexy in them.

Thigh highs are often associated with exotic dancers, can-can dancers, burlesque dancers, and those naughty French maids. They feature lace at the very top where the stocking hugs the woman’s thigh adding that extra bit of seduction and sexiness.

Of course touch is an element of sex appeal and a leg clad in silk thigh highs is incredibly smooth, subtle, and gorgeous. Most men would have a hard time turning away from that kind of pleasure.

In case you may be thinking this is a relatively new trend, think again. Thigh highs have been around a long time and have been showcased in many rather “hot” scenes in movies. Dare we mention Mrs. Robinson in The Graduate as she slowly unrolled her stockings in front of Dustin’s Hoffman’s character, seducing him the whole while.

So ladies if you’re looking to drive your men wild follow the path of those who know men best – the exotic dancers – and invest in a sexy pair of thigh highs and you may see a whole new side of your man.




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