How long is a long time in the stripper world?       

I’ve been in the adult entertainment business for a long time.  First as a stripper myself and then as a manager as well.  I’ve been hiring prospective strippers for at least 8 years, so I think I have some knowledge as to what to look for as well as experience with a fairly broad  spectrum of personalities, ethnic and social backgrounds.  I love these girls.  I relate to them.  I look out for them. I try to guide them using the lessons I learned over the years without attempting to run their lives.  I’m involved.  So naturally, I’m picky. I’ve discovered a few things about this stripping business and the girls who are in it with me.

The best strippers:

Good strippers aren’t all that hard to come by.  It really comes down to three things, even two out of three ain’t bad.




I’ve learned that about 30% of the strippers in the biz have all three of those traits consistently.  Now once I’ve hired a girl, over time I start to get a feel for their personality.  Things like Wit, Charm, Class, Sex appeal, level of honesty, maturity level and such come out.  Over time I get feedback from parties and trust starts to develop.  Trust is so essential.  Trust on both ends.


The best strippers have:

That’s when the most important trait a stripper could have comes out.  That is when I can see if they have a sense of loyalty.  When I find someone with loyalty, I can be sure that they’re always going to be honest and reliable.

Why should we want the best strippers?

When a stripper is loyal, she cares about the company, its reputation and her place within it.   She feels appreciated and treated fairly, valued. She is happy to be entertaining and showing the customers a good show. She is talented and loves to show off!  She is confident and makes the clients feel comfortable and at ease.  She is the girl all the girls want to be friends with and all the boys want to…

I’ve hired a few bad apples in my day but I chalk them all up to experience and as soon as I realize what they are, I  just get rid of the poison before it spoils the bunch…or something.

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