So what does a private dance actually involve?

Everyone is struggling due to covid-19, with people losing their jobs and everyone is strapped for cash our post today is about what a private dance involves. The local clubs and companies (like us) are revamping our processes, buildings and methods to create a safer and cleaner environment for everyone. So let’s get down to business and answer the main questions asked mostly by our strippers or wannabes!

What does a stripper actually need to do?

There is 3 main questions that are asked:

“Do I meet the qualifications to be a stripper?”

“Do I have to touch the strangers?”

“What is a private dance?”



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What involves being a private dancer?

A private dance is different from dancing in clubs when you get down to it, a private dance is taking off your clothes in a seductive way for multiple songs or how long you have been hired for. You can expect all types of clients from stag parties to married men who enjoy being teased. In simple words a private dance is grinding on strangers, however, there are many variations for this and you do not have to do anything you do not want to do. During a private dance, you will usually have to take off all your clothes, it is more about dancing seductively and teasing the client than sexual drive.

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So what do you need to be a private dancer?

If you are dancing in the US you will need to be a US citizen who is over the age of 18 (some places 21) and have forms of identification. You may need to be licenced or the company you work for in some states. Personal hygiene is a must, remember you are making money with your body so expect to be clean and tidy so you can be hired in the first place. Make sure you look the part, now you don’t have to overdo it but you will need some personal style with some good beauty techniques and glamour. To be a private stripper/dancer you must be waxed or shaved, you can expect most clients will not like body hair. This is a standard throughout the industry. Believe it or not, it’s mainly personality so make your clients feel comfortable and feel comfortable that you are sexy, but know when to shut up, some clients may not want to talk at all and you are expected to strip for a group of lads who are drunk.

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Do you have to touch strangers as a private dancer?

Yes, you will have to touch a stranger and grind against them as a private dancer, the client should not touch you unless you allow it, make sure you feel comfortable at all times.

So to sum up each client is different, what you are really selling is a good time whether the client wants to talk or have a dance, don’t feel afraid of doing private dances and get your hustle on, make sure to enjoy yourself, plenty of girls dance in clubs or privately and enjoy doing both. We hope this clarified what is expected of you for private dancing.





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