How does a typical bachelor party go?

Most dancers explain their rules to their audiences before getting started.  Sometimes they get a chance to only explain their rules to the host. I don’t recommend this but it does happen in some cases where the entertainment is a surprise.  Even if in a “surprise” situation, after the initial lap dance for the person of honor, the stripper would explain her rules.  All strippers are going to do this because it is a chance to offer more lap dances and to tell you the price for those lap dances. In either case, the rules have clearly been explained by the dancer.

The main strip show begins –

At this point the stripper is going to be working the room.  If she’s a great stripper then she’s got her own music, and a routine worked out specific to that music.  This quality right here separates the girls doing this for a job and the actual performers.  The industry needs both.  By this time she is going to notice if people are tipping for lap dances, if so she will begin to lap dance.  It’s been my experience that the more fun a dancer is having at a party the more excitement she can bring to the crowd, so at this point, if the guys aren’t pumped, and amped up then it is up to her to get the mood elevated and the party going.

What went wrong?

Have you ever been to a bachelor party or similar event where a stripper might be only to have the fun stop and the hot stripper leaves before you even got a lap dance!  What the hell happened you might say?  Here are a few common mistakes:

*Taking pictures/Video – C’mon guys, this is the digital age our girls are the classiest in the area, they don’t want your pictures of them all over your facebook.   Most girls will make you delete pictures in front of them if you break this rule; some girls will do that and then leave.  Either way, the fun stops and that’s never any good.

* Breaking physical boundaries that have been set by the dancer.  This happens occasionally; someone has a little too much to drink or maybe just forgets his manners for a minute.  Most strippers depending on the offense committed, will give at least one warning.  But it is solely at her discretion.

*Not tipping or waaayyyyy undertipping.   Look, strippers know that not everyone is a millionaire, and if you tip her $1s then sure, she’ll dance, but it’s gonna be boring and it’s not going to last long.  If the girls were willing to work for dollars then they would, at the local strip clubs, where they’re not allowed to strip…  I mean if you’re looking some amazing lap dance you won’t forget, you’ve got to be willing to tip.

Ways to avoid ruining the fun:

Have a clean place for the stripper to change and a separate clean place for her to perform.

Offer her something to drink, water or whatever she may need to feel comfortable.

Please have all of your pets put away before she arrives to begin the entertainment.

Control your guests and if anyone gets out of line verbally or physically or photographically, step in and correct the situation and assure the stripper that you are handling your unruly friend.

Offer to throw him out if his behavior continues.

These situations are rare, but when they do occur there are way to handle them and ways not to handle it.



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