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With years of industry leading experience and knowledge, Hampton Roads Stripper’s is Virginia beach’s most reliable and sexy bachelor party service! Planning a bachelor party can get be a daunting task. At Hampton Roads Strippers we will work with you to customize a package to fit all of your request and needs. Our strippers will attend clubs, hotels, bars and clubs, house and garden parties. They can cater for any occasion you like with a selection of costumes. You can choose from army uniforms, navy uniforms, flight attendant, nurse, policewoman and many more.

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We proudly serve Virginia Beach, VA with the finest Adult Entertainment Private Party Needs. You have a wide range of hotties to choose from all of which are sexy, professional and fun! They will give their best to make your party a memorable event! We will supply you with some of the finest female strippers in Virginia Beach, and you can be sure our girls will give you a night to remember.

The meaning of the phrase “bachelor party” has varied over history since it became a regular social practice way back in the 5th century B.C. with the Spartans. Originally it began as somewhat of a gentleman’s party. A dinner with close friends of the groom and the groom’s future male family members. Most often consisting of an evening of cigar smoking and card playing with the occasional toast to the health and prosperity of the new couple.

The terms Strippers and Bachelor Parties weren’t even commonly linked until the 20th century! In fact in 1896 a “stag party”, as it was known in the 19th century thrown by P.T. Barnum’s grandson was raided by police based on the rumor that there would be a famous belly dancer performing in the nude.

These days that would be considered tame. In modern times it seems that extreme is the theme of choice. The more recent traditions of hazing, humiliation and debauchery often taking place over entire weekends and involving travel to exotic places or or having exotic dancers come to you have become a staple of modern bachelor parties.

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Planning a night of debauchery for a bachelor in Virginia Beach?

Here are some things to remember:

  • Bachelor parties can take place almost anywhere. Home, hotel, clubhouse, lodge, party bus, escape room, yacht, marina, cigar bar, golf course, party bus…the possibilities are endless!
  • Make sure your guests all get along. There’s always “that guy” Even though everyone will be drinking, there’s usually one in the group who lets himself get out of hand. Don’t invite that guy. And if your bachelor is that guy, don’t let him be that guy.
  • Don’t plan your party for the night before the wedding. The last thing a nervous groom needs is a hangover. You should schedule your event at least a week ahead of time. Be sure to plan ahead so that everyone can attend and most importantly so that you can get the stripper of your choice.

All pictures on our website are real. We never bait and switch so you can be sure that what you book and what you paid for is what you will get!

All photos are current, accurate and up to date. Don’t leave your night to chance. Don’t hesitate to call with any questions or party suggestions!